MusicFest Catalunya Barcelona
Barcelona and  Catalonia have been a destination for art and culture for many years.  The MusicFest Catalunya includes performances in Barcelona and a city  festival in a historic city in the Northern part of Catalunya. Combined  with comfortable accommodation right on the coast in the Barcelona  metropolitan area, where sun and sea also offer some hours of relaxation. Olŕ  Catalunya!
MusicFest Prague
The opening of the  Easter Market starts with a parade across the Prague Old Town area, additional concerts are in Prague and in the spa town Podebrady.The  open-air stage at the Old Town Square is a fantastic place to entertain the audience and perform with other music groups, orchestras and folk  dance ensembles around Eastern!
St. Patrick’s Day Dublin
The holiday of the  Irish Patron is the most important day on the Green island. Parades all  over the country and parties anywhere bring unforgettable moments to all participants. During a parade in the area in Dublin you will have a lot of contact to Irish tradition and people.
Workshops Vejvoda Prague
The Bohemian composer and conductor Jaromir Vejvoda composed beside his No 1 world hit Škoda  lásky (Roll out the barrel/Beer Barrel Polka) another 79 polkas, waltzes, marches and tangos. Some of these songs are worked out in their original interpretation together with his son Josef Vejvoda during this workshop in Prague!
Performances in exceptional locations, an international atmosphere and varied supporting programs - these are the attributes for a long time unforgettable music experience for long-term motivation.
MusicFest Advent Prague
The  open-air stage at the Old Town Square is a fantastic place to entertain the audience and perform with other music groups, orchestras and folk  dance ensembles during the Advent time!
MusicFest Bavaria Munich
The Bavarian capital Munich with its deep tradition for brass music. During the spring and  summer time, music groups can perform in Munich and its surrounding in  the alpine upland. Enjoy a traditional folk festival in Olching with a  typical Bavarian parade or a performance in a large beer garden from May to September!
MusicFest Carlsbad
Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně have been the most famous spa resorts in Central Europe for decades. Today, Karlovy Vary is the first address in the Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary is the pearl of Bohemia, unique, lively and with enchanting architecture. Perform in the colonades of both spas!
MusicFest Croatia
Istria and the city  of Pula are not only the target for sun worshipper, but one of the oldest cultural areas in Europe. In Pula music is not only performed in  the famous Roman amphitheatre, but also at the squares in the Old Town  as well as in the medial town of Rovinj. Enjoy the atmosphere of Istria!
International exchanges for music groups and folk dancing ensembles

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